Anonymous asked:

Their are so many people on twitter and tumblr that hate that so many people are dishing out hate on Portland because they lost 5-0 but its okay when they do it when they beat teams by big margins. I don't care any way most of them are Alex or Tobin fans anyway.

saveitlikesolo answered:

they’re just salty bc they are supposed to be the best team in the league since they’re reigning champs (and they’re completely fucking stacked in offensive players lbr). and bc fans + Paulson can’t make up any more excuses at this point. this late in the season, if you’re going to be a top team, you need to play like one, and they didn’t tonight.

salty Portland fans need to leave tbh. if they can’t take what they dish out, they might want to reconsider being a sports fan lmao.

Everything to this. Just yes.